AB-Polymerchemie GmbH


Welcome to the AB-Polymerchemie GmbH

It is ABP worldwide- day to day more and more contractors and costumers are choosing the quality and competence of ABP. The ABP deals with products for industrial flooring and sealing systems which are based on polyurethane and epoxy resins and the poly-acrylic plastic liquids.

The ABP was founded in 1997 based on more than 30 years of know-how in research, development and technical service to implement its potential by a close cooperation with the customers into solutions consistently.

Economic, innovative, modern and environmental friendly systems, project and customer orientated solutions and the short decision-making paths are the strengths of the ABP.

Personal commitment and pleasure in accepting this economical important task makes the team of the ABP with its fluid plastic qualities to your ideal partner.

Projects as e.g. Airbus, Atlas, Bosch, ContiAutomotiv, Dynamit Nobel, Mercedes Benz, Sartorius, Siemens, SMA and Volkswagen are our references for quality and competence.


1998: Waiver of the ecological harmful nonylphenol and other alkylphenols

2001: Move to the new branch in Aurich-Schirum

2002: Completion / usage of the AB-POX-ESD® systems

2007: Development of the AB-ZEROPOX®/ -ZEROPUR® systems (VOC < 1 %)

2008: Completion of the new Warehouse

2010: Expansion of the laboratory and administration

2015: Development of the styrene-free poly-acrylic systems – WORLD NEWS!

2017: 20th anniversary of the AB-Polymerchemie GmbH