World first!

This innovative technology is based on unsaturated polyacrylates, free-radical curing,
but without the associated disadvantages and extreme odour problems of the
conventional UP / VE systems containing styrene, MMA or vinyl toluene.

The new AB-PACTYLON® products have a VOC content of < 1 % and comply with AgBB*
guidelines (*Committee for Health-related evaluation of Building Products).

AB-PACTYLAN, industrial processes
2-C-Resin-Transfer-Moulding / RTM, VOC < 1 %
2-C-Laminating-Resin / LR, VOC < 1 %
2-C-Acrylate-Gelcoat, spray quality, VOC < 1 %
2-C-Acrylate-Gelcoat / DIAMOND, spray quality, high surface hardness, VOC < 1 %
2-C-Acrylate-Gelcoat / PREMIUM, spray quality, UV -/ weather resistant, VOC < 1 %
AB-PACTYLON, industrial flooring
2-C-Poly-Acrylate-primer / levelling layer, VOC < 1 %, acc. to AgBB, tough-hard, coloured, silk matt
2-C-Poly-Acrylate-coating, VOC < 1 %, acc. to AgBB, tough-hard, coloured, UV - resistant, silk matt
2-C-UP-concrete repair / crack grouting, tough-hard, light grey
2-C-UP-road repair / crack grouting, tough-hard, anthracite grey



Due to continuous research and development of new products, it is possible that some materials are not yet listed in this Technical Information. Please ask for our advice.


Edition: August 2016