Special products

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2-C-EP-special- / repair filler, VOC < 1 %, thixotropic / factory configurated spatula, tough-hard, coloured
AB-ZEROPUR® 886 Repair
2-C-PU-repair coat for wind energy plants, VOC < 1 %, tough-hard, coloured, UV - resistant
1-C-PU-spray primer, contains solvents, tough-hard, colourless, low viscosity, acc. to ZTV-BEL-B 3/95
2-C-PU-elastprimer for spray elastomeric systems, contains solvents, elastic, will not swell (immersed in water), violet-translucent, low viscosity
1-C-adhesion primer, contains solvents, coloured, low viscosity, acc. to ZTV-BEL-B 3/95
1-C-metal primer (reaction primer for steel and non-ferrous metals), contains solvents, coloured, low viscosity
2-C-EP-filler / putty, thixotropic / factury configurated spatula for e. g. joints, cracks, etc.
2-C-PU-bonding agent, thixotropic / factory configurated, tough-hard, bonding agent for different materials
2-C-PU-adhesive for textile, thixotropic / factory configurated, elastic, bonding agent for different materials
AB-PUR® 330
2-C-PU-spatula, thixotropic / factory configurated, tough-hard, easy to grind, bonding agent for different materials
2-C-PU-hybrid joint sealant, tough-hard, coloured, for industrial floorings
2-C-EP-bonding agent, thixotropic / factory configurated, with special fillers, coloured, bonding agent for different materials
Alkaline, powerful cleaner for many persistent types of pollution



Due to continuous research and development of new products, it is possible that some materials are not yet listed in this Technical Information. Please ask for our advice.


Edition: August 2016