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Innovative - competent


VOC < 1% since 2008

AB-Zeropox® and AB-Zeropur®

Practically "zero" emissions

We live and work at the North Sea - and we understand something of clean air. There are more and more rules and regulations, lists and permissions, approvals and guidelines. What does this mean?

ABP-ZERO - brochure


A system sets new standards

Durable, safe, proven - The experts of many recognized institutes agree: no product system has met the standard values in this uniform precision or undercut as ESD from ABP.

AB-ESD - brochure
Corrosion protection


The first of its kind!

Corrosion protection with "bionic" technology. In Nature proven methods as a model lead to demonstrably provable excellent corrosion protection properties of the AB-COR series. Approvals by BAW are just as natural as repair kits.

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innovative - competent - efficient

Every day, more entrepreneurs choose the quality and competence of ABP products in the areas of floor coating and seal with polyurethane and epoxy liquid plastics.


Antistatic coating

Applying a slip-resistant anti-static coating

Antistatic coating, entire area dusted with silicon carbide F36 to manufacture an anti-slip and dissipative surface.

More about anti-static coating